Dress Code

It is the philosophy of St. Paul Catholic School to believe in the value of each child as a unique individual loved by God. We strive to create an environment which will challenge the students to grow to their fullest academic potential and to develop a healthy acceptance of self and a Christian respect for others.  Proper attire and hygiene attribute significantly to this effort.

The following dress code applies to students in Pre4/Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade.


  • Solid white, navy or light blue polo-style, with a collar and long or short sleeves.
  • Turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks, oxford shirts, dress shirts/blouse-style are also included in the dress code.
  • Crewneck sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts (hoodies), and sweaters (crew, v-neck, vest or cardigan style) in solid navy, light blue or white that are waist-length and appropriately sized may also be worn. Shirts may be worn with a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath. Shirts worn underneath the uniform shirt may not have any writing or pictures. 
  • All shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters may only have approved St. Paul Catholic School logos, free from any visible brand names.

Pants and Shorts

  • Navy or khaki.
  • Plain, trouser-style pants and shorts with a flat or pleated front. Low-waist and/or hipster pants are prohibited. The hem of the pants shall not touch the floor.
  • With the student standing upright with arms extended down at his/her side, shorts may be no shorter than the bottom of the student’s fingertips. Shorts may be worn from April 15th through October 31st. Girls may also wear capri pants, which shall be considered shorts for purposes of this section. They may be any style, but shall not be low-waist or too tight as deemed by the teachers and/or administration.

Jumpers, Skorts and Skirts

  • Navy or khaki in specified styles, no shorter than 4″ above the knee. Girls must wear shorts underneath jumpers/skirts.
  • Blue Gold Plaid jumpers, scooters, and skirts for girls
  • Please see the approved styles below, in BLUE GOLD PLAID OPTION ONLY:




  • Tennis shoes or leather/oxford style shoes that blend with clothing.
  • Shoes that leave black marks are prohibited. For students’ safety, open-toed or heeled shoes are also prohibited. Shoes must be properly tied at all times. In snowy conditions, snow boots may be worn to school, but students must bring regular school shoes that meet the above stated requirements to change into upon arrival at school.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.


  • Students (except 3 and 4 year olds) must wear belts with pants, shorts and capris that have belt loops. Belts must be solid brown, black, or navy.
  • Jewelry must be kept to a minimum. Earrings should be kept close to the earlobe (post style, no large hoops) with a maximum of two earrings per ear. Boys may not wear earrings. All jewelry must be removed for P.E. and sports. In the case of newly pierced ears, earrings must be ‘taped’ for safety.

Hair and Make-Up

  • Hair must be neat and clean. For boys, hair must be no longer than the eyebrows and must not touch the shirt collar in back or the opening of the ear on the sides. Extreme hairstyles are prohibited (in color or style) for all students. Minimal makeup is allowed for girls in 7th and 8th Grade. No dark liners for eyes/lips or bright eye/lip colors.

P.E. Uniforms

  • All students in grades K-8 must keep athletic shoes at school for use during P.E. Class. Students in grades 5-8 must change into athletic clothing for P.E. Class. P.E. attire consists of solid-colored gym shorts, sweatpants and solid-colored t-shirts of any color. Shorts or pants may not contain any logo or words on the seat. T-shirts may contain any official logo of St. Paul Parish and/or St. Paul Catholic School. P.E. attire must be labeled with the student’s last name and may not be worn in the classroom.

Casual Dress Days

Certain days of the school year are designated as casual dress days. On these days, students may wear shirts that are clean, neat and in good repair. These shirts may not contain wording or abbreviations that refer to any subjects that conflict with the message of Catholic Education, such as violence and death, sex, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, ethnic slurs, profanity, street gangs, rock concerts or performers or any other non-Christian subject matter. All shirts or tops must have sleeves. Sheer or crop tops, low-cut, see-through mesh or back cut-out tops may not be worn. Shirts or tops must be long enough to tuck in or cover the waistband of pants.

Pants or jeans that are clean, neat, loose fitting and in good repair may be worn. Sweatpants are acceptable as long as they are loose fitting. On casual dress days beginning April 15 through October 31, clean, neat, loose fitting shorts may be worn. Shorts may be no more than 4” above the knee. Shoes that are appropriate for school must be worn on casual dress days as a safety precaution.

3-Year-Old Preschool Dress Code

Preschool 3-year-old students do not have a specific dress code for clothing, but the dress code policy regarding shoes, as stated above, must be followed. Preschool parents should review the Casual Dress Days section above for details regarding casual dress and/or spirit dress days.


It is the responsibility of each parent to ensure that the dress code is followed by his/her children. It is the responsibility of the teachers and school administration to ensure that students adhere to this code. Parents will be notified of a dress code violation and, if necessary, will be required to bring a change of clothes to school before the offending student may return to class. Dress code violations will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Repeated violations may result in a suspension. Students may be required to change into appropriate clothing provided by the office.