Faculty and Staff


Grade Teacher   Email  
Pre-School Mrs. Cami Thiems  [email protected] 
Junior Kindergarten Mrs. Shelly Litzenburg  [email protected]  
Kindergarten Mrs. Lauren McCloud  [email protected]  
Grade 1 Mrs. Jayme Lytle  [email protected]  
Grade 2 Mrs. Amber Tallman  [email protected]  
Grade 3 Mrs. Lisa Strieker  [email protected]
Grade 4 Mrs. Amy Zehnle  [email protected]  
Grade 5 Mrs. Tiffany Abert  [email protected]  

Grade 6 &

Language Arts

Mrs. Suzanne Horan [email protected]  

Grade 7 &

Social Studies

Mr. Aaron Hopfinger  [email protected]

Grade 8 &

Science & Religion

Mrs. Nancy Barth  [email protected]  

Grade 8 &

Math, Ed. Technologist

Administrative Asst.

Mrs. Stephanie Kuhn  [email protected]  
Band/Music Mrs. Andrea Henze  [email protected]  
Music Mrs. Carrie Henrichs-Albaugh [email protected]
PE and Athletic Director Mrs. Staci LaPorta  [email protected]